Comparison of Dissertation Proofreading Services

Want to compare dissertation proofreading services?  Let’s delve in! Selecting a dissertation editor can be complex and overwhelming. On one hand, there are many options of reputable services out there, and we acknowledge that. At the same time, there are crucial differences to consider when you’re comparing online editing services for your dissertation. To help, we’ve compiled this list and provided distinctive features of each.

Here is a comparison between PaperBlazer and some of the top dissertation proofreading services:

PaperBlazer vs. Scribendi

Scribendi offers a wide array of English editing and proofreading services, including academic editing. They charge around US $40 for a 24-hour proofread of a 1000-word academic text. While Scribendi’s services are commendable, PaperBlazer’s long-standing experience of over 11 years ensures a depth of expertise. Moreover, PaperBlazer’s commitment to ethical editing and educational feedback makes it a more holistic choice for serious academics.

PaperBlazer vs. Wordy

Wordy, a UK-based firm, offers online dissertation editing and proofreading services. They charge slightly over US $40 for proofreading 1000 words. While Wordy emphasizes hassle-free ordering and supports multiple file formats, PaperBlazer offers the same — along with human expertise that ensures comprehensive review, especially for dissertations that require nuanced understanding.

PaperBlazer vs. Editage

Editage focuses solely on English language editing services for academic papers. Editage is recommended by some journals, which is a plus, but PaperBlazer is also used for journal editing. Between the two, PaperBlazer is notable in terms of its professor review, affordable prices, and free speed upgrades — not to mention the fact that many researchers prefer PaperBlazer for journal article editing. PaperBlazer’s global recognition from researchers at Oxford University and Stanford University gives it an edge in terms of credibility and trust.

For example, Editage has claimed that they can increase “journal acceptance rate by 24%,” but one must question the legitimacy of such a claim. Were tests run before and after? If only 24% were accepted after the editing service, is 76% failure acceptable? Other claims such as “Get published in 61 days” cannot be accepted at face value, since Editage does not control that; the journals themselves determine when an article is published. In short, be careful of claims such as 24% or 61, since these are dependent upon the document, journal, and a host of other factors.

PaperBlazer vs. Enago

Enago offers a range of services, including translation and statistical analysis. If you need translation, then Enago would be the better option, since PaperBlazer does not offer that. However, Enago’s pricing is bundled in various packages, which can be on the steeper side. 

If budget is of concern to you, then PaperBlazer might be the better option for you. PaperBlazer offers transparency in pricing, ensuring incredible value for money. Additionally, PaperBlazer’s detailed feedback helps writers improve, making it more than just a proofreading service, since the price includes follow-up questions.

PaperBlazer vs. ProofreadingPal

ProofreadingPal prides itself on its two-proofreader model. Their pricing varies between US $30-$100 for a 24-hour turnaround, depending on the document type. (Please note that whenever you’re comparing prices of dissertation editing services, you’ll need to consider a host of factors and watch out for hidden fees.) 

While having two proofreaders is a unique approach, PaperBlazer’s blend of AI and human expertise ensures that dissertations are reviewed with both efficiency and depth. Plus, PaperBlazer effectively offers the same in that a professor will review any sentence for you a second time, if you select premium service. 

PaperBlazer vs. Wordvice

Wordvice offers academic and professional writing editing services. Their pricing for a 1000-word academic document within 24 hours (prior to any discount) is around US $80. Note that there are sales that can reduce the price at Wordvice, but when we checked, the price was roughly the same between Wordvice’s sale and PaperBlazer’s normal pricing. In other words,  pricing can vary — not only between services but the time of year — so be sure to check on that.

While Wordvice has a dedicated focus on admissions and scholarship editing, PaperBlazer’s comprehensive approach to dissertation editing, combined with its long-standing experience, makes it a reliable choice for serious scholars. 


While many dissertation proofreading services offer quality and expertise, PaperBlazer’s long-standing experience, commitment to ethical editing, and blend of AI and human expertise set it apart. Price comparisons were based in 2023 and could vary from time to time, so keep fluctuations in mind. Regardless of price, though, other comparisons are still worth considering. For researchers seeking a reliable, efficient, and comprehensive dissertation proofreading service, PaperBlazer emerges as a top contender.

PaperBlazer Proofreading & Editing Service



$ 110 1000 words
  • 12-hour service
  • Proofreading
  • Editing
  • Formatting
  • $55 Extra Express Fee
  • Instant Discount Option

$ 45 1000 words
  • 12-Hour Service
  • Proofreading
  • Editing
  • Formatting PLUS Design Tips
  • FREE Speed Upgrades
  • 10% Instant Discount Option