NEW GENRES: Publish a Kindle Vella

Are you aware of new genres of writing?

One to keep an eye on is the Kindle Vella. We might even think of this as “experimental,” but it seems to be an experiment that is working.

In short, you can release “shorts” of books. You can sell parts as you go, which is a win-win for both authors and readers.

You can write as you progress, and readers can anticipate each part. By releasing over time, you can grow a significant following — perhaps even more effectively than releasing an entire text at once.

An advantage of selling parts is that you can market each part. There are more “touch points” for you to engage with your readers.

Note that this genre can also be used by businesses! Tell your story. Share your product. Advertise within the text.

Use new genres like the Kindle Vella to your advantage. Get started today, and we will help!

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