At PaperBlazer, we specialize in helping students grow as writers.  We have experience as writing tutors and as college writing instructors, so we take an academic approach when reviewing academic papers.  With that educational background, we review papers so that the marks of grammar corrections and professor feedback can help you learn as a writer.  Students from around the world prefer PaperBlazer, since we take an ethical and educational approach to our work.  Here are some of our specialities:

English Instructors

Our writing experts have taught English at the college level, including work as writing tutors and college instructors.  Clearly, this means that we respect the writing process, and we aim to help you in your educational journey.  We will not judge your shortcomings, since we have graded thousands of papers, and we will help you as we have helped hundreds of other students.  In fact, our wide experience in writing instruction means that we will help you find categorical or repeated errors, so that you can improve as a writer.

Undergraduate & Graduate Papers

We work with students at all levels, including high school, college, and graduate students.  This means we know what is expected at each level.  Our proofreading and editing takes into account your educational level, and we treat your document accordingly.  For example, we will provide more feedback to doctoral students with our premium service than we would for an undergraduate paper.  In addition, we have helped countless ESL students, and we can help you, too!

Academic Integrity

We are not like paper writing services that plagiarize and/or write content for you.  In fact, we do not write any content for you.  Instead, we work with you — keeping your own words — to help you see your errors and mistakes in your writing.  Note that in certain cases, if you have any concerns, you will want to talk with your instructor prior to proofreading or editing.  (For example, we do not proofread or edit exams.)  However, for most writing activities, instructors allow and/or encourage students to get feedback from others on their writing.  This, after all, is how you improve as a writer.

Grading Sensitivity

Because our editors have experience in the classroom, we understand what is needed to improve your grades.  Grammar corrections play an important role, but grades go beyond grammar.  For that reason, we offer feedback (you select from reader, professor, or doctoral) based on how your content comes across.  This allows you to get a sense for what professors will think of your writing.  Think of it as “pre-grading,” since we will flag certain items that will need your attention.  Again, we do not write for you, but we help you find places that need to be written better. For example, we will say, “Recommended: You will want to reword this” if we think that it would help your grade.

Expedited Proofreading Service

Studies show that students learn best when they receive quick feedback.  Rather than waiting on a tutor or writing center, we provide nearly instant comments on your paper.  This gives you an opportunity to revise and improve your document, so that you can learn from your mistakes.

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