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We edit all kinds of documents.

Books / E-Books

We proofread and edit all kinds of books and e-books. Over the years, we’ve edited novels, short stories, play/scripts, manuals, religious texts, and more. Prepare your book for publication with professional editing and proofreading. Get results within 1-3 days, or select an instant discount to save 10%. Book orders over $100 include a free cover design. Read more about our book editing service

Business Documents

See why top businesses and organizations around the world use PaperBlazer for proofreading and editing service. For years, we’ve helped billion-dollar clients with billion-dollar projects. Save money by outsourcing proofreading and editing. We can do it all, including reports, advertisements, marketing materials, white papers, and press releases. Send your business documents today for professional editing. Get more info about our business editing speciality


We edit for graduate students and academic researchers at the most prestigious institutions, including Stanford, Oxford, Cambridge, and more. We edit APA, MLA, Chicago, and more. We also specialize in editing ESL documents, and a native English speaker will review your text. Upon request, you can also receive a free certificate for verification. Take your research writing to the next level within hours. Check out our academic proofreading & editing

Résumés / CV

Upgrade your résumé in a day or less. To help you land that new job, our proofreading and editing service will improve your cover letter, résumé, or CV. Words can change your life. Invest in what matters, and your career will benefit for years to come. Within hours, get professional feedback on your job application materials. Improve your résumé today.

Articles / Dissertations

For essaysjournal articles, and dissertations, we’ve helped countless writers from the United States, Korea, France, Saudia Arabia, and beyond. Our native English editors will help you copy edit and publish within days. When you need high-quality proofreading and editing service, PaperBlazer is faster, more convenient, and more accessible than tutors and writing centers. Learn more.

Personal Documents

From emails to reference letters, we proofread and edit all kinds of written correspondence. Your personal documents deserve personal feedback. For important documents, our premium service offers rhetorical advice so you can be more persuasive and effective. Our quality, speed, and pricing sets us apart from other proofreading and editing services. For details about our email editing, learn more.

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