Affordable Dissertation Proofreading & Editing

Paper Blazer Proofreading

Need help with your dissertation? 

We are here for you!  PaperBlazer offers affordable proofreading and editing for all kinds of documents, including dissertations, research proposals, thesis papers, and other forms of academic research.

Academic Proofreading & Editing includes:

  • Grammar assistance, including spelling, sentence structure, and more.
  • U.S. and U.K. English fixes
  • English help for non-native ESL students
  • Paragraph suggestions
  • Formatting fixes
  • Citation corrections
  • Vocabulary corrections, including recommendations for better synonyms (Pro and Premium)
  • Content feedback and suggestions (Pro and Premium)

Why PaperBlazer?

Our prices beat the competition.  For example, PaperBlazer will correct 1000 words for only $10.50, which is far cheaper than other services.

When comparing prices, also keep in mind that PaperBlazer offers faster service for a lower price.  In other words, we will return your document within hours, while other services could take weeks.

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