The Benefits Of Dissertation Editing

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Completing a dissertation is a major academic accomplishment. Having dissertations accepted by university officials involves a long process with many obstacles along the way. Frequent revisions are often required after the committee has accepted the paper. Errors in grammar, formatting, and mechanics and style requirements can consume large amounts of time and provide frustration for the writer, especially when facing tight deadlines.


Many dissertation writers utilize the services of editing professionals to assist with dissertation revisions, which ensures that errors will be eliminated and that the degree will be awarded.  Thus, there are numerous reasons to have a dissertation edited by a professional in addition to ensuring it is error-free.


Financial Burdens

Dissertation students have busy lives; they must find the time for classes, research, and study. Many students have homes and families to care for, and the financial costs needed to care for homes and families along with the financial demands of a graduate program can be difficult. The more time it takes to finish the requirements for a degree, the more expensive it can be. In fact, the National Center for Educational Statistics found in a 2010 study that the average cost of a doctorate for students who study full-time is $39,000 – which means that affordable proofreading and editing is especially important.


Academic Pressures

The stress involved in pursuing a Ph.D. can have significant negative impact on graduate students. Strict deadlines, competitive academic environment, finances, and family and other outside obligations all contribute to the heavy amounts of stress a graduate student experiences, which can result in emotional fatigue and severe exhaustion – leading to reduced productivity and missed deadlines. Receiving assistance with the editing process can save time and reduce stress.


English Expertise

In order to edit a dissertation, an individual needs to have a solid knowledge of what formal English grammar entails, including punctuation, spelling and grammar, as well as familiarity with the organization of an academic dissertation; this involves accurate sentence structure, syntax, world choice, and paragraph organization, to mention only a few of the elements needed. The writer must also adhere to the demands of the style required such as MLA, APA, or Chicago and the university’s own in-house formatting and style requirements. Using an expert in these areas can help ensure that the content of the dissertation is produced in an accurate and well-organized way.


Long-Term Impact

Revision of a dissertation can result in having to wait for employment, promotion or an increase in salary. Many employers will require the completion of a Ph.D. in order to gain these. Having the dissertation delayed due to constant revision will delay the degree conferral and may also impact career prospects – present or future.


The dissertation is usually the first publication for an upcoming academic professional and serves as a first impression of the writer. Most universities and other academic institutions require an employee to have a strong publication history while working at the institution; a dissertation gives a hiring committee an idea of whether the applicant will be able to write to a high academic standard and publish professionally.

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