Edit Cover Letter

Do you edit your cover letters? If not, you should!

Cover letters are sometimes “optional” in job applications, but do not skip them. Cover letters are often the first thing a potential employer will read. For that reason, make sure that you include one and that it is good!

Editing cover letters involves strategic thinking. You should not be sloppy with them. Be careful with grammar, of course, but also rhetoric.

Think of how someone will read your letter. Or, to be more specific, imagine how your letter will be received. Pretend you are reading the cover letter for the first time.

At PaperBlazer, we edit countless cover letters, so we’ve seen a lot. Here are some tips to write better cover letters:

  1. Write concisely. Shorter sentences work better than wordy ones.
  2. Focus on essential details. Eliminate extra content that does not matter.
  3. Use short paragraphs. In letters, it is best to use five or less sentences per paragraph.
  4. Avoid jargon. You may have a huge vocabulary, which is great, but your readers may not; don’t obscure with overly complex words.
  5. Provide specifics. Rather than vague terms, such as “interesting,” give the details — to show your readers.

Of course, every writer has unique strengths and weaknesses. One of the best things you can do is ask someone to review your letter — before you send it. 

PaperBlazer’s premium service provides rhetorical feedback, which helps your letters be more effective. Over the years, we have helped people write letters to landlords, bosses, search committees, editorial boards, and much more. 

So when you’re writing a cover letter and need help, let us know!

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