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Editing Journal Articles for Publication

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Are you writing an article for a scholarly, peer-reviewed journal?

If so, you have a few options for proofreading:

  • Ask a friend or relative.  The trouble is that they may lack writing experience or may not have published before.
  • Trust your computer.  The weakness to this is that computers do not find all of your errors.  For example, “write” and “right” mean different things, but an automated checker would not catch that.
  • Pay an expensive editor.  The problem with this is not only the cost, but the fact that they may lack academic editing experience.e

If you need help and want to publish an article, let PaperBlazer help.  Our experience, speed, and price beat all of the other options.  Rather than an amateur or a computer, a real college professor will review your document. We have years of experience working with academic writing, and we can help you improve your writing. This is the best way to prepare your article for publication.

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