Disadvantages of Grammarly

What are the disadvantages of Grammarly?

Writers ask lots of questions about Grammarly, including the following: How does Grammarly fix human writing? What are the disadvantages of automated editing? Is Grammarly worth it? Is Grammarly legit? These are very important questions.

As you proofread and edit your documents, know that there are several disadvantages of Grammarly. So, when weighing pros and cons of Grammarly, make a wise decision.

Before using Grammarly for your documents, let’s consider a handful of the disadvantages. 

Disadvantage 1: Automation

Let’s start with the obvious: Grammarly is automated.  You do not get help from a real human being, and if you want full service, that means paying more money.  

This is problematic because computers have limitations. While computers have advanced, and continue to advance, they will never “be human.”

Despite advanced in AI, computers cannot write as well as human beings. (After all, humans make computers!) Thus, from the start, you’re limiting your writing quality, according to the limitations of the automation.

Rhetoric is a key example of Grammarly’s limitations. Computers can analyze grammar and sometimes even tone. However, they cannot always match words to the proper context. Being nimble rather than programmed, a human is much more able to adjust and consider real-life situations.

You’ll see some similar downsides between Grammarly and ChatGPT, since automation has limits. While AI has a place, we strongly recommend going beyond that and asking a human editor to help. That way, you’ll receive personalized assistance from a real person.

Even if you like the idea of automation, you should use both — that is, start with automation but then ask a professional editing service to check your document. That way, you still benefit from a human reviewer. We have a number of clients who come to us after automation has failed them, and we welcome them, too!

Disadvantage 2: Price

Grammarly charges a hidden price for extra, premium service. This means the free service is limited. In other words, for full service, you need to pay money. In that case, you are better off going with a professional editing company in the first place — since you will save time as well.

As you consider the disadvantages of Grammarly, know that price can be a problem. When you need more advanced help, it is better to use human editing rather than automated editing. You’ll end up saving money in the long run, since professionals will increase the overall quality — which can then lead to more sales, job promotions, higher pay, and much more.

Your words deserve investment. Paying for editing can be very beneficial. However, if you’re going to pay, you might as well pay for real editing rather than automated editing.

Disadvantage 3: Speed

Sure, Grammarly seems to be quick, as it offers “real time” feedback. However, “real time” does not mean “no time.” The distinction matters. Don’t forget that.

When Grammarly provides corrections and feedback, you still need to review, assess, and apply all those — which may unclear or incorrect. This can be a very time consuming process, considering you could be doing other things.

Contrast that with PaperBlazer, for example, which applies all necessary changes for you, only leaving “author only” decisions. Thus, you can spend your time elsewhere. The remaining choices will be far less than Grammarly, so you end up saving time.

Disadvantage 4: Vagueness

Another disadvantage of Grammarly is vagueness. You must make most changes yourself. For many writers, this can be too much. After all, if you’re asking Grammarly for help, then some choices might be too complex. Vague suggestions are not very helpful.

In other words, Grammarly makes suggestions, but you need to implement them yourself. But what if you’re overwhelmed? What if you’re limited on time? What if you don’t want to read through all the explanations? Grammarly requires some knowledge on your part.

If you’re confused by grammar, automation does not always help. You end up doing additional work yourself. 

In contrast, a service like PaperBlazer does most of the edits for you. Our human editors can “know” what you mean and then implements for you. Of course, some review might be required, but in comparison, PaperBlazer saves you time.

Disadvantage 5: Mistakes

Grammarly makes mistakes. Computers err and “have a mind of their own.” Don’t take our word for it.  As one writer explained:

It sometimes gets fairly simple things wrong. On several occasions, for instance, I’ve written a grammatically correct phrase which Grammarly then wants to “correct” into nonsense.

Take this sentence:

This was, I decided, my house. I couldn’t trust this to anyone else: I searched its every nook and cranny by myself.

Stilted? No doubt. Incorrect? Well, you tell me. If you run it by Grammarly at the moment, the software will suggest a revision to “I searched it is every nook and cranny […]”.

So don’t just take our word for it. Consider the problems that other writers have noticed. The errors can be very problematic.

Rather than struggling with the disadvantages of Grammarly, try another way. Use a professional editing service with real professional editors who an help you.

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