Grammarly Prices vs. PaperBlazer Prices

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What does Grammarly cost?

Wondering about Grammarly pricing?  Remember that you are comparing apples to oranges.

First, Grammarly offers high-cost subscriptions, and annual costs can be as high as $139.95.  The trouble is that few writers can afford that.  Additionally, there’s no going back on an annual subscription, since you’re committed for an entire year.  These charges continue until you cancel, and you may pay for the service even when you are not using it.

More importantly, Grammarly is automated software, so you are not receiving help from a real human editor as you do with PaperBlazer.  So when you are comparing prices, know that you are comparing computer software to professional editing.

Compare Grammarly prices with PaperBlazer prices.

PaperBlazer starts at $1.50 for 100 words.  There are no subscriptions or recurring fees.  You only pay for what you use.  PaperBlazer will save you lots of money, especially when you need proofreading or editing for small documents.  We often get sent emails, letters, or marketing materials that do not require a monthly or yearly subscription.

Don’t Forget: Grammarly pricing differs from other proofreaders and editors.

Whichever service you choose for proofreading and editing, remember that Grammarly uses automation.  When comparing Grammarly’s prices with other editing services, the services are not the same. With Grammarly, you are paying a computer to fix your writing, whereas with PaperBlazer, a real person will proofread and edit your writing.

Grammarly Free vs. Grammarly Premium

Grammarly prices depend on what you need.  While “free” is offered at first, Grammarly Premium costs money.  Obviously, to be an effective writer, you would need to go beyond the basic free plan.  The downside is that Grammarly Premium requires a monthly or annual subscription, both of which come at a premium price.

As an alternative, PaperBlazer offers top-notch quality, fast service, and professional editing.  

Get started today to see the difference — not only in price, but in quality.


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