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Grammarly Review: Avoid Computerized Checks!

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If you’re considering using Grammarly, be aware of what many reviewers warn: computers cannot read your mind.  Writing is an inherently human activity, so be careful with trusting a computer.  In contrast, PaperBlazer prides itself on having a real person review your writing.

People around the world choose PaperBlazer rather than Grammarly.  Writers want an editor, not a computer, to help.  PaperBlazer offers the convenience of online proofreading, but with much better, human results.

But don’t take our word for it.  Be sure to read Grammarly reviews.  These reviews will outline the shortcomings of trusting a robot to fix your grammar.  There are simply some things that computers should not do.

One Grammarly review details these findings:  “42 errors, and… 17 successes. Many of these errors were overcorrections, suggesting changes for all instances of passive voice, personal pronouns, and contractions, all of which are acceptable in creative writing (though passive voice should be used sparingly). Grammarly’s other faults were largely mistaken words it failed to catch.”

We love computers, but we firmly believe that computers should be used for what they do best — typing not writing.  Your words matter.  Don’t put your life’s work in the hands of a robot.


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