Hire a Proofreader or Editor for Your Novel?

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If you’re an aspiring novelist, you face an important question: Should you hire a proofread or editor?

Many beginning novelists make the mistake of distributing a novel to various publishers, without getting any feedback from a professional editor.  The problem is that a novelist might wait for months for a response, only to receive a rejection letter with little to no feedback.  All of those months result in a lot of wasted time.

Similarly, if you want to self-publish, you face a major disadvantage without a publisher:  you lack a proofreader and an editor.  For that reason, it makes sense to hire someone to help you.  A proofreader can find the embarrassing typos or grammatical mistakes for you, so that you save face when people start buying your books.  An editor can provide additional feedback regarding your content, such as comments about flow, organization, clarity, and more.

In life, we all wish there were a level playing field.  So if some writers are using proofreaders and editors, why shouldn’t you?  Use all of the resources available to you!

PaperBlazer has helped writers of all kinds, including novelists, poets, marketers, and business owners.  We specialize in helping novelists achieve publishing quality work.  We have experience helping creative writers improve their manuscripts, including collections of poetry, short stories, and novels.

When selecting an editor for your creative work, be sure to select someone with affordable pricing.  As you compare PaperBlazer to others, you’ll find that we offer very competitive rates.  In fact, we offer more assistance at a cheaper price.

Most of our clients return for additional writing help.  Why?  Because they love the quality of our service, as well as our personal assistance.  Unlike Grammarly, which is robotic, lacks human touch, and charges unbelievable subscription fees, PaperBlazer offers friendly assistance at each point.  We love helping novelists get published, and that is why we proofread and edit novels in a personal and caring way.

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