How to Write a Business Proposal with Example

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Wondering how to write a business proposal? You’re not alone!

Writing a business proposal can be a daunting task, especially if you’re not familiar with the process. However, with strategy and care, you can easily write a persuasive business proposal that will help you win new clients and/or secure funding for your business.

As you begin, determine the purpose of your business proposal. Are you trying to win a new client or secure funding for a project? This will help you tailor your proposal to meet the needs and expectations of your audience.

A sense of purpose comes first. Once you have a clear understanding of your purpose, you can start brainstorming ideas and organizing your thoughts. This can take time, but establishing a firm foundation is crucial. Then you’re ready to further develop your business proposal. 

As previously mentioned, when writing a business proposal, include three basic parts: Problem, Proposed Solution, and Pricing. One you have those three parts in mind, you will be ready to write a business proposal. 

If the task of writing a business proposal seems daunting, here are some steps to help you write a successful business proposal:

   Pre-Write the Business Proposal

  1. Research your audience: It’s important to understand the needs and expectations of your audience before you start writing. Research the company or organization you’re proposing to and try to get a sense of their business goals and challenges.

  2. Outline your proposal: Organize your thoughts and ideas into a clear and concise outline. This will help you stay focused and ensure that your proposal flows logically from one point to the next.

    Write the Business Proposal

  3. Write an introduction: The introduction should clearly state the purpose of your proposal and provide a brief overview of your solution.

  4. Explain the problem: In this section, you should clearly define the problem that your business is trying to solve. Be specific and provide examples to illustrate the impact of the problem on the company or organization you’re proposing to.

  5. Present your solution: This is where you’ll describe the product or service you’re offering as a solution to the problem. Be sure to highlight the benefits and features of your solution and how it will solve the problem in a cost-effective manner.

  6. Outline the costs: In this section, you’ll need to provide a detailed breakdown of the costs associated with your solution. This should include the price of your product or service, as well as any additional expenses such as training or installation.

  7. Provide supporting materials: To help persuade your audience, you can include supporting materials such as case studies, customer testimonials, and data to back up your claims.

  8. Conclusion: In your conclusion, summarize the key points of your proposal and restate your main argument. You can also include a call to action, such as requesting a meeting to discuss the proposal further.

    Check the Written Proposal

  9. Edit and proofread: Before you send your proposal, be sure to carefully proofread and edit it for typos and grammatical errors. You want to present a professional image, and even small mistakes can be off-putting to potential clients or funders.

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Business Proposal Example

Title: “Streamlining Supply Chain Operations for ABC Corporation”


At XYZ Consulting, we specialize in improving supply chain efficiency for companies in the manufacturing industry. We have a track record of success in helping our clients reduce costs and increase profitability through streamlining their supply chain operations.

We believe that our expertise and experience can help ABC Corporation achieve its goals of reducing costs and improving efficiency in its supply chain.


ABC Corporation has experienced increasing costs and delays in its supply chain operations over the past year. These issues have led to missed delivery deadlines and frustrated customers. The company is seeking ways to reduce costs and improve efficiency in order to remain competitive in its market.

Proposed Solution:

XYZ Consulting proposes to work with ABC Corporation to identify and address inefficiencies in the company’s supply chain operations. Our team will conduct a thorough analysis of the current processes and work with ABC Corporation’s management team to develop a customized plan to streamline operations.

This plan may include implementing new technologies, revising supplier relationships, and optimizing inventory management. We have a proven track record of success in implementing these types of solutions and are confident that our expertise can help ABC Corporation achieve its cost reduction and efficiency goals.


  • Initial analysis and consultation: $10,000
  • Implementation of customized plan: $30,000
  • Ongoing support and consultation: $5,000/month

Supporting Materials:

  • Case study on a similar project we completed for a manufacturing company in the same industry as ABC Corporation
  • Customer testimonials from clients who have experienced cost savings and efficiency improvements through our supply chain consulting services


We believe that our expertise in supply chain operations and proven track record of success make XYZ Consulting the ideal partner for ABC Corporation in its efforts to reduce costs and improve efficiency. We look forward to the opportunity to work with your team and develop a customized plan that meets your specific needs and goals. Please contact us to schedule a meeting to discuss this proposal further.