Unlimited Follow-Up

Learn more about our exclusive "Infinite Reader" model.

Some editing tools use automation, so you’re left to do edits on your own. Some proofreading and editing services use a two-reader model, but we take this a step further. In short, we make editing both easier and better.

PaperBlazer leads the industry with our unique approach to personalized editing service. You have exclusive access to an editor. But wait, there’s more: not only an editor but a college professor, who will provide you with personalized feedback.

What is our happiness guarantee?

PaperBlazer seeks to help you as much as possible. If you want us to recheck a sentence or paragraph, let us know. We will happily review these for you. Our aim is to make your document better, so if you have any questions or concerns, you are welcome to contact us. 

What are “unlimited rechecks”?

With PaperBlazer, you can talk with us about your edits. Have a sentence or paragraph that you’re concerned about? Let us know via chat, and our team will assist you. 

When we say unlimited, we mean that we will interact with you until the sentence or paragraph is just right! 

Who checks the document?

For rechecks, you’ll have a college professor review the document further. This is far better than a two-reader model, since those readers could be anyone. With PaperBlazer, you’re guaranteed to have one of our experts recheck the sentence or paragraph for you.

What is included?

If you’ve placed an order, you can ask us to recheck any sentence or paragraph in the edited document for free. 

Of course, if the entire document has been changed, edited, revised, or rewritten, then you’d need to place a new order if you want the entire document edited again. In over a decade of business, we’ve found that our clients do not require this, since we use a professional, thorough approach the first time around.

Due to our high-quality editing, we’ve found that our clients only need individual sentences or paragraphs rechecked. We provide this free of charge with every order, so you have that assurance of personal assistance.


Absolutely. When we say “unlimited feedback,” we mean it. Effectively, because we will reread a sentence or paragraph as many times as needed, your readership is unlimited. 

We will interact with you via chat and/or email to correct the sentence or paragraph to your approval. This is far better than a simple two-reader model. Our approach provides your own personal editor. You can ask questions, clarify your meaning, check a revision, etc., and we can interact with you via chat/email.

All in all, we provide the best proofreading and editing service that you’ll find — not only online but in-person. The reason is because our editors can be reached on your device, so you have your editor with you at all times. 

We’re here for you. Let’s get working on your document!

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