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As a proofreading and editing service, we are committed to the idea that words matter & you matter.  You deserve personal attention, not a computerized spell-check.  For that reason, our real, human editors read your document and provide individualized feedback.

We offer fast and effective editing service.

As you’ve probably heard, we offer blazingly fast editing.  Our editors will return your document to you within hours. And since we work “in the cloud,” everything can be done from your computer.  No tutors, no travel, no appointments, no wasted time.

We proofread and edit documents for everyone!

Our customers include students and professionals from around the world, including countries like England, Germany, Hong Kong, Poland, Canada, Japan, Turkey, China, Japan, Norway, Ghana, Ireland, Pakistan, Russia, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, the United States of America, and many others. In total, we help writers in over 35 countries!

We edit any kind of document.

You can send us a Word document, a PDF, a presentation file, or even a blog entry.  We specialize in the following types of documents:

    • Novels
    • Business Documents
    • Personal Letters
    • Non-Fiction Essays
    • Graduate School Papers
    • Graduate Theses
    • Dissertations
    • Research Projects
    • Applications
    • Cover Letters
    • Résumés

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