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Looking for fast, 1-hour editing service? When you’re in a rush, we can help. PaperBlazer premium service includes same-day, hourly turnaround. This means you can get faster results at a lower price.

The bottom line: Get your document edited quickly, but don’t pay more than you need. With PaperBlazer, you pay for 12-hour editing, but can get our complimentary speed upgrade by contacting us. Whenever we can, we will prioritize your order. Our chat support will respond ASAP to let you know about our queue.

Affordable Proofreading & Editing Service — PaperBlazer

How does the service work?

PaperBlazer’s free speed upgrade offers 1-hour proofreading service at a far lower price.  Rather than paying 8 cents per word, we can offer 1-hour proofreading for only 5 cents.  In other words, our service is about half the price of other websites. We provide blazing fast service for a fraction of the cost.

If that sounds like magic, it is — along with good hard work. To start, we have a unique process to ensure rush documents get quick attention. We check our queue and let you know an estimate for your document. Best of all, there is no extra charge for 1-hour, 2-hour, 3-hour, 6-hour… We edit all premium orders as soon as possible.

For the hard work, we cut the middlemen to reduce “fluff” in your price. There are no hidden fees with us. So you get the same service, but without paying for things like Grammarly’s TV ads. We streamline everything so the savings go to you.

How do I start?

To check the pricing, you can get an instant quote for our premium service.  Then, before ordering, check with our chat support to see if we can complimentary upgrade you to 1-hour service.  Some large documents or ESL documents will take longer than one hour, so we will need to know some details about your document.  When contacting us, provide as much detail as you can.  That will help us help you even faster. You can also email your file so we can review whether we can complete it in one hour for you.

What about 3-hour or 6-hour service?

With our free speed upgrades, 3-hour or 6-hour turnaround is the same price. Just order premium service and chat with us. The good news is that short documents, such as an email or letter, can be ready before the 12-hour deadline. To ensure that the complimentary upgrade is available, be sure to connect with our chat support prior to ordering.  (To start a chat, click on the bottom right of your screen.)  

All premium documents are guaranteed within 12 hours, so just check with us to see if we can upgrade to 1 hour proofreading — or maybe 3-hour, 6-hour, or 10-hour service, depending on what you need.

Again, the main benefit is that you do not pay more for faster service. Just chat with us to see what is possible!

Do you also proofread within 24 hours?

Absolutely!  If you need 24-hour proofreading service, we also offer that at a discounted rate.  You can select between our plus option (24-hour editing) or premium option (12-hour editing). 

Why use PaperBlazer?

Proofreading and editing services are not the same.  Some options, such as software-based editing, will point out grammar errors, but you need to go back and make all of those changes. That can cost you precious time. At PaperBlazer, you upload your document, and we proofread and edit for you.

When you upload your Word and Pages documents, changes are made in text itself, which saves you time.  (The only time we don’t is when we cannot determine your meaning; in these cases, we add a comment on the side for you.)  In other words, we do the work, so you don’t need to make all of those changes yourself.  

Can large documents be edited in one hour?

Large documents will likely need more than one hour. Of course, proofreading time depends on the size of the document. Let us know what “large” means by telling us how many words.  We specialize in fast proofreading and editing, but a document of several thousand words will require more time.  For a more specific time estimate, chat with us!



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