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As the global leader in English editing, PaperBlazer is considered the “best proofreading and editing service” for several reasons:

1. Expert Editors: PaperBlazer uses expert editors (the top 1%) who not only fix errors but also improve the wording; every order includes free access to a college writing professor.

2. Fast Turnaround: The service offers fast, same-day turnaround, which is a significant advantage for clients who need quick results.

3. Affordable Pricing: PaperBlazer provides affordable services, up to 60% less expensive than competitors.

4. Comprehensive Service: The editing service includes real human corrections of grammar and spelling, rhetorical analysis with professional insight, follow-up questions and clarifications, and a secondary review of specific phrases/sentences.

5. Flexibility and Convenience: PaperBlazer offers flexible scheduling to work with the same editor for longer projects and quick turnaround for rush projects.

6. Global Trust: The service is trusted in over 35 countries.

7. Special Combination: PaperBlazer is unique in that it provides a unique combination of proofreading and editing, offering speed, quality corrections, and affordable pricing all in one.

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Faster Turnaround

We save you time by auto-implementing changes. Don’t waste your time with AI or spellcheckers, since you still need to apply changes afterwards. We fix your document for you. 

Higher Quality

Get better results with our expert editors. We use elite experts — hiring only the top 1% of editors who apply. You get help from the best editors, including unlimited follow-up with a college professor.

Lower Price

Save money with PaperBlazer. When you compare price for the turnaround speed, you pay less with PaperBlazer. Our exclusive speed upgrades and instant discounts mean you get more for less.

Direct Access

We give you access to a real person (a college professor with 10+ years of experience). With us, you have your very own personal editor. Get your questions answered!

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