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What does it cost for proofreading and editing?

You can check out our pricing page for the current rates.  You can also get an instant quote to get a customized price.  PaperBlazer offers more affordable pricing than other services, so you will save up to 60%.  Most importantly, unlike other services, there are no hidden fees. Time and time again, clients are amazed by the money they save and the superior quality of our service.  

Who will review my paper when proofreading or editing?

A writing expert with an advanced degree and professional writing experience.  PaperBlazer is unique because we know what writing needs to be in both professional and educational settings.  With premium orders, an editor with actual college teaching experience will review your paper.  

When will I receive help?

You will receive personal help within hours.  Your order determines how quickly you will receive your corrected document.  Here are the three options:
  • Basic: 72 hours or less.
  • Plus: 24 hours or less.
  • Premium: 12 hours or less.
PaperBlazer is unique in that we beat our own deadlines.  If you order a premium scan, for example, your document will be prioritized.  Premium orders are guaranteed within 12 hours, but in many instances, clients receive a proofread document within a matter of hours at no extra cost. Basically, this means that you receive extraordinary service for a much cheaper price.  

What is reader, professor, and doctoral feedback?

Depending on your order, PaperBlazer offers varying degrees of feedback.  For “basic” orders, reader feedback will note any glaring problems where the content is confusing for a general, educated reader.  For “plus” orders, professor feedback will point out sentences or sections that need revision, so you are aware of areas that need improvement.  For “premium” orders, we will include all of that, plus offer suggestions for what you might change or improve, so that you have your own personal editor.  

Do you help aspiring novelists with novels?

Yes, we have edited novels and other creative works.  We also have teaching experience with creative writing courses, graduate degrees in writing, and years of editing experience.  If you are looking to publish a novel, or to improve your writing for publication, we would love to help.  Our prices tend to be much cheaper than other competitors, which is a benefit to aspiring novelists.  

Do you have ESL experience?

Yes, we have worked with countless ESL students.  Our clients come from over 35 countries around the world, including China, Japan, Germany, Hong Kong, South Korea, India, Cuba, Holland, Taiwan, the United Kingdom, and the Philippines.  More countries are being added every month.  

Why is PaperBlazer better than a writing center?

While writing centers can be helpful, the shortcoming is that their help is limited.  First, writing tutors will help you find general errors, but due to limited time and the need to help many students, not all of your errors will be marked.  This can be problem if you have trouble finding errors.  PaperBlazer marks all of the errors, so you can learn better and see how you are making all of your grammar mistakes.  Sometimes, it is difficult to improve as a writer when some errors are marked but not others. PaperBlazer also offers editors with more experience.  Writing centers are often staffed by college students, librarians, or instructors with limited editing experience.  With PaperBlazer, you are helped by a professional editor with years of experience, which means higher quality results.  

Why is PaperBlazer better than a writing tutor?

First, you never need to leave your home to send your paper.  This saves you time, energy, and  money.  Second, you can send your paper to PaperBlazer at any time of day, and you’ll receive help within hours.  You never need to set up an appointment with a tutor.  This is helpful because you can keep editing your paper up to the deadline!  

Why is PaperBlazer better than Grammarly or Microsoft Word grammar checks?

PaperBlazer is not automated.  We don’t use robots at any stage in the proofreading process.  At PaperBlazer, a real writing expert corrects your writing.  Computers frequently miss grammar and spelling mistakes.  For example, “wright,” “right,” “rite,” and “write” are all spelled correctly, but they mean very different things.  To ensure quality writing, you need a real person proofreading your document.  

Will you write or research for me?

No.  We are glad to help you after you have written something.  We offer writing assistance, but to ensure academic and ethical standards, we want to make sure that the ideas are yours.  As a proofreading and editing service, our goal is to help you improve as a writer, not write for you.  On a complementary basis, we are able to answer writing questions, but we cannot write for you.
As a friendly note, be wary of any website that promises to write or research for you.  Not only is that ethically questionable, but the quality will likely be very low.  We do not recommend that you use such websites.

Have you helped with dissertations?

Absolutely.  We have edited dissertations and scholarly journal articles for clients around the world.  Graduate students and professors often use PaperBlazer when preparing to publish.  We have worked with individuals at the University of Cambridge, Stanford University, Oxford University, and many other universities.

Can you help me edit my book or e-book?

Yes!  We help with book proposals, individual chapters, and entire books.  Take your writing to the next level by hiring an editor.