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Five Benefits of Fast Proofreading Service

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Need fast proofreading or editing service?

Clients around the world are amazed by our quick, same-day turnaround.  We’re often asked why fast proofreading is better than slower alternatives.  In short, here are some advantages:

1. Fast proofreading meets deadlines.

Life speeds by quickly.  You have many obligations and many deadlines, and some of those may be hard to meet.  You’re not alone.  In fact, most of our clients need proofreading and/or editing within hours or days, since most people need fast service.

Don’t worry.  We are here to help.

We know the pressures of deadlines, so when you need quick service, PaperBlazer offers same-day assistance.  Our premium service offers editing within 12 hours (or 18 for overnight orders), and short documents can be completed within 1 hour.

When you’re pressed for time, contact us via chat to see if we can expedite your document.   PaperBlazer is unique from other services in that we offer faster service at a lower price.  Plus, we expedited premium orders at no extra cost.

2. Fast proofreading aids with comprehension.

If you want to write better, quicker feedback will help you learn and write better.  The fact is that after a few weeks, you forget what you have written.  For that reason, slow proofreading is less preferable than fast proofreading.  By getting quick results — within a matter of hours — you will be able to improve as a writer.

3. Fast proofreading means better results.

This is one of the big secrets of proofreading.  People think that proofreading over weeks or months will lead to better results, but that is not true.  Effective proofreaders not only specialize in proofreading, but they know a secret: taking in the overall picture involves reading in a shorter timespan.  Editors who take months often forget how pieces fit together, but a proofreader or editor who works over several days will keep these in mind.

For example, you may have a particular spelling on page 3 and repeat that on page 76.  Anyone proofreading over months will not remember that, but fast proofreading makes this possible.  It’s one of the great advantages of quicker service.

4. Fast proofreading means personal service.

Notice that “fast proofreading” is not instant proofreading.  In other words, we take hours (12, 24, or 72) to review your document.  A computer or automated system can offer “instant” results, but that is a misnomer.  Not only will computers make mistakes, but you’ll need to go through the document to check for those obvious errors.

With our fast proofreading service, we make most changes for you — as many as we possible can.  We only mark cases that require your review, which ends up saving you lots of time.  Our approach to fast proofreading can end up saving you hours!  So don’t be tricked by so-called “instant” results.  Writing involves time, and our service helps by saving you time.

5. Fast proofreading impresses employers.

Many writers need to write for their jobs.  This can include proposals, resumes, letters, reports, and more.  Employers cannot wait weeks or months, and they often need quick responses.  For job situations, quick turnaround matters.  We help businesses and their employees with proofreading and editing, and we can help you, too.

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