How to Save Money Compared to Grammarly

Spend less on proofreading and editing service by working with a small business. Rather than using the biggest revenue company — as you might wonder where all of your money is going — consider working with a business that you know and love. 

Why does a small business save you money? You deal with less “middlemen,” so there is less fluff in the price. You also pay the small business directly, which not only serves the community but helps you as well. 

At this point, we all know of the behemoth known as Grammarly, since their advertising campaigns cost thousands of dollars. However, ads like that do not result in better documents, so when you need to save money, consider other options.

To be clear, we are not here to attack Grammarly in terms of quality; we consider them friends. But to be fair, we are simply pointing out the numbers. It’s basic math — plus some additional factors you might want to consider.

Here are the ways that PaperBlazer saves you money compared to Grammarly:

No subscription fees.

Right off the top, PaperBlazer is more affordable, since there are no mandatory subscription costs. If you only need a small document edited, you are likely to save money with PaperBlazer, since we charge by the word and don’t annoy you with another unnecessary subscription. Sometimes our customers order for just $3 or place a small order like that, so of course, we are the cheaper option. It’s a no brainer.

Human review included. 

Comparing pricing can be tricky, since it can be like comparing apples to oranges. Grammarly initially depends on automation. You are basically paying a computer to do “predictive” work, since artificial intelligence is literally artificial, meaning that it merely predicts based on probabilities. Perhaps that makes you nervous. If so, you can pay Grammarly more money for human review. The trouble is that their human review is 3x more than our cost — so in the long run, you pay much more with Grammarly.

Established expertise. 

With PaperBlazer, you know that you will get industry-leading quality. We have over a decade of experience working with clients in 35 countries. This means we understand the nuances of thousands of writers, and we use that knowledge when editing. We go beyond automation and use human expertise, implementing creativity and critical thinking as we edit. Because of our better results, this ends up saving you money long after your project is done, since you’ll get more sales, get that job, get published — you get the idea.

Implemented changes.

Bear with us on this one, since it will take some explaining. 

Grammarly finds errors in documents, but it does not fix them for you; in fact, there is much for you to check after the fact if you want a document to be truly error-free. (Like any version of AI, Grammarly makes mistakes.) In the end, you are still implementing the changes yourself — at least if you want to be accurate.

With PaperBlazer, we offer human review, so before you ever see the edited text, we improve the document; in doing so, we implement all of the necessary changes for you. We only leave “author only” decisions for you. This saves you time and helps to avoid any potential errors. 

How does our approach save you money? Well, this frees you up to spend your time elsewhere, thus allowing you to make more profits or earn more money. As they say, “time is money,” and our version of editing will save you time on your end. Grammarly might seem fast at first, but because you need to implement all of the suggestions, that is precious time that you could be using for other activities.

Have questions? Let us know via chat. We provide high-quality customer service, and we are here to assist you.

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