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Top Five Tips from the World's #1 Editor of SOPs

Need help with your statement of purpose? 

Your statement of purpose can affect your entire life trajectory, so it is important to review it thoroughly. 

We’ve seen all kinds of applicants — including MBA and PhD candidates — who seek help online from random people. We’ve also seen people ask relatives or hire amateurs for help. The problem is that such “helpers” lack the experience of a professional, world-class editor who has reviewed countless SOPs.

A better option would be seeking advice from an expert, someone who has reviewed countless similar documents. Thus, you would know how your statement of purpose compares. After all, you are competing against other applicants, so you’ll want to improve your SOP as much as possible.


Here are some of our top tips for statement of purposes:

  1. Start with the prompt. Some writers begin with a story or metaphor, but that can confuse readers. Begin with directly responding to the prompt and place stories and metaphors later in the statement of purpose.
  2. Be specific. Rather than saying “I have strong leadership skills,” prove that. As they say, show don’t tell. In other words, provide detail that demonstrates your abilities instead of talking about them generally.
  3. Write concisely. Use fewer words whenever possible. This is not about counting words (quantitatively) but making words count (qualitatively). As William Strunk advised decades ago, “Make every word tell.”
  4. Reread multiple times. Too many writers quit after their first or second draft. Although you might be anxious to submit your SOP, do not rush. Read your document as many times as possible. This will uncover errors and help you correct them.
  5. Give it time. Do not expect to write a statement of purpose in an hour or two. The best approach requires time. After you write your initial draft, let it sit for a while. Come back in a day or two — maybe even a week or two. Allowing that “space” will help you revise the document with fresh perspective.

Have additional questions? PaperBlazer provides quick, through, professional feedback — all while maintaining your personal writing style. Unlike other services, we take an ethical approach that provides suggestions without writing for you. Similar to an academic writing center, we answer questions if you want to know why a change should be made. In short, we’re your go-to source for professional SOP feedback.

Submit a statement of purpose today, and you’ll receive feedback within hours. As the #1 editor for SOPs, we are here for you. Get started today!

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Statement of Purpose Feedback and Editing