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3 Essential Parts to Effective Business Communication

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Maybe you’re writing a business letter or a business proposal.  Perhaps you need to proofread marketing materials or a training manual.  Whatever your business may be writing, here are important parts to remember as you edit business content.

The philosopher Aristotle proposed several key elements of effective rhetoric.  Some of these have direct relevance to business communication. While he went beyond what is summarized here, these three areas are especially helpful for business communication — that is, to shareholders, suppliers, clients, customers, and so forth.

Ethos in Business Communication

The Greek term “ethos” refers to the character of the communicator.  In this context, “ethos” means believability or trustworthiness. In other words, is the communicator reliable?

As a business, you want customers to trust what you say.  But that’s not all.  You also want employees, board members, producers, buyers, etc. to believe you.

Communication then must be clear, professional, and precise.  Your readers will be intuit whether or not to trust you.  This is why proofreading and editing can be so helpful.  You don’t want a mistake to undermine your message.

Pathos in Business Communication

The word “pathos” can be heard in our English words for “empathy” and “sympathy.” Simply put, “pathos” refers to feelings or the emotional dimension of rhetoric.

Whenever you say or write your message, you communicate feelings — whether you intend to or not. To be effective, then, you need to consider how your words emote.

Unfortunately, we can be unaware of our own style, mood, tone, etc. (If you’ve ever been in an argument, you know how emotions can lead to confusion.) In business communication, of course, this can be a huge problem — since we should be sensitive not careless when communicating.

Proofreading and editing helps here. Ask an outside party to review your text. An editor can point out words, phrases, or sentences that do not express well.  Instead of emoting the wrong message, your text can be edited for more effective business communication.

Logos in Business Communication

Perhaps most important of all, “logos” refers to the logic of communication.

In rhetoric, “logos” does not usually refer to visual logos. When ancient Greeks talked of “logos,” they meant an overarching force that united all things. In communication, then, that’s the rational argument, thought, or the logic that is used.

Of course, people “tune out” if they dislike the communicator or the feel.  But if an audience gives you time, you should ensure the argument is a good one.  In other words, if your ethos and pathos are good, then make sure your logos is also good.

A professional editor, such as PaperBlazer, can help check your logic.  In particular, the syntax of sentences and the logic of paragraphs need to make sense.  Editors can point out unclear phrases or sentences so that you can communicate well to your audience.

In short, business communication is key to any business.  Follow these tips to better express your message, and your business will benefit from more effective communication.

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