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We edit essays. theses. dissertations. articles. papers. projects. presentations. manuscripts.

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Need help? We edit essays. theses. dissertations. articles. papers. projects. presentations. manuscripts.

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Improve your writing.

Fix grammar, spelling, syntax, organization, and more. We take an educational approach when editing. We teach by marking errors, not by rewriting. Going beyond college writing centers, we show you far more corrections so that you can learn with additional examples and explanations. Our educational view is that more corrections help more — so rather than showing you a “kind” of error (as tutors or writing centers do), we show you all of the errors so you can learn better. This is especially important for ESL writers, since we show you the exceptions too, not merely generalizations. With our help, you can upgrade your writing ASAP.

Get real, expert feedback.

With our premium service, a college professor will review your document. Similar to a writing center but even better, we are recommended by various colleges and universities, including Judson University. Have grammar questions after we finish editing? Chat with us! We clarify and answer any proofreading or editing question about your paper. A college professor will provide tips, suggestions, and advice.

Submit any document. 

We edit hundreds of essays, theses, dissertations, journal articles, research projects, and more. Whatever you are writing, we can help. Our professional editors will review your Word, Pages, or PDF file, and we’ll email you the file back. It’s that simple!

Save time on editing. 

We edit faster than writing centers. We process documents 24/7, so there’s no delay. For rush projects, avoid the traffic and extra hassle. We’re even faster than software or apps, since a real person will fix the document. Unlike AI or automated checkers, we do the review for you — leaving nothing or next-to-nothing for you to do. (Only optional or author-only decisions remain.) To save you time, we make essential changes for you, and you receive and edited version in hours. We’re here to save you time.

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Thank you for your proofreading service It helped me a 1ot, and finally, my boss accepted my explanation. I can't imagine this incident would go this smoothly without proofreading, because I am not good at English. Thank you again for your proofreading.