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Quicker is better.

Super-fast turnaround means lighting-fast results. In a rush? No problem. Our pros are here to help. With over 10 years of experience, we edit short documents in hours and longer documents within a day. You’ll get your document back in no time.

Save time.

In a rush? Send the document to us for same-day editing. Faster editing means less work. We make changes for you, so rather than reviewing a list of automated edits, our human editors save time by making changes for you.

Save money.

Unlike other editors, PaperBlazer offers same-day service at an affordable price. Other “fast editors” charge up to 60% more for rush, hourly service — but with PaperBlazer, you get faster editing service at a lower price

Faster Service at a Lower Price.

Budget Proofreading

Rush Editing with Affordable Pricing

with FREE speed upgrades & hourly turnaround!

Looking for fast proofreading or editing service? Not all proofreading and editing is the same. PaperBlazer stands apart due to our amazing speed and complimentary upgrades. 

When you compare pricing, be sure to also compare turnaround speed. With PaperBlazer, documents get edited the same day at a lower price.

For example, if you have a short document that needs editing within 3 hours, contact us via chat, and we can provide faster turnaround at no extra charge.

If you want faster service at a lower price, try PaperBlazer! 


Any document. Any time.

We edit Word, PDF, Pages, and more.

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Free Upgrades!

Unlike other “fast proofreading services,” PaperBlazer offers free speed upgrades so you get the fastest possible service

For example, if you pay for 12-hour service, you may get your document back in only 4 hours, but you don’t pay extra. 

In short, this means faster service at a lower price. You pay less but get quicker results. This sets us apart from other fast proofreading and editing services.

Get help within hours. For short documents, we even offer 1 hour proofreading and editing. Chat with our support team when you’re in a hurry, and we’ll do our best to help.


You may order basic, plus, or premium service.

Although very rare, overnight premium might be slightly delayed (by 1 to 6 hours), depending on the length of the document.  If that is an issue, please chat or email us, and we will expedite your order as much as possible.

If you approve of 18-hour service for premium service, use coupon 18HRSERVICE as a special discount for overnight orders.

All other orders will be processed as normal.