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PaperBlazer offers FREE speed upgrades on every order so you get the fastest possible service.

For example, if you pay for 12-hour service, you may get your document back in only 4 hours, but you don’t pay extra.

In short, this means faster service at a lower price.

Get grammar corrections in 24 hours less.  For short documents, we even offer 1 hour proofreading and editing.



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Free speed upgrades.


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Fast Proofreading & Editing Service

In a rush? To ensure same-day turnaround for your document — as quick as 1-hour turnaround — here are some quick tips:

Get faster editing from a specialized service.

sample proofreading editsSome websites promise fast service, but they only deliver within a few weeks.  Why wait? Use a proofreading or editing company that will help within hours.

PaperBlazer has been editing documents for years, and we specialize in rush orders. Over 99.9% of all documents are completed within hours, and you will be amazed by our blazing speed.  After all, it’s in our name!

Your document will be edited — including both corrections and comments — within hours.  So if you want same-day results, look no further. We’re here to help. With PaperBlazer, you get faster turnaround and better results. 

Consider the price of fast editing.

Express editors often charge you more than they need.  But why should you pay more?  PaperBlazer features discounted rates and free speed upgrades.  If you have a short document, contact our chat support for even faster affordable proofreading

When you compare prices, remember to compare “like for like.” For example, for 12-hour service, we charge up to 87% less than a competitor.  If you don’t believe us, go ahead and check for yourself.  Type in 100 words in our order form and elsewhere, and you’ll see the difference.  At the time of this writing, we charge only $4, while another site charges $31.95.

With upgrades, we’re unlike any other proofreading and editing service. To learn more about our complimentary upgrades, CLICK HERE!

Rely on experienced editing experts.

writing_goodWhen in a hurry, it’s tempting to skip proofreading and editing, but revision is the most important part of writing.  Most importantly, don’t trust automated software or computerized grammar checkers with your precious words, since they will miss errors and make unhelpful suggestions.  In short, not all “speed” will provide the results that you need.

Instead, ask a real editor to review your document.  PaperBlazer editors have years of experience in quickly editing all kinds of documents, including dissertations, novels, articles, letters, and resumes.  When you’re in a rush, don’t do it alone. Trust a professional.

Our experts will save you hours of time.  So when you need results quickly, use our fast, same-day service.  Turnaround is 12 hours, 24 hours, or 72 hours — but if you need help in less than 12 hours, let us know via our chat support!


Try PaperBlazer today.

PaperBlazer provides fast proofreading and editing service within hours.  Select basic, plus, or premium for whatever suits your needs and budget. Then in 12 hours, 24 hours, or 72 hours, you’ll have an edited document.  So when you’re in a hurry, use PaperBlazer to edit your document.  Same-day editing service is available 24/7.







Fast Proofreading & Editing Service

When you need high-quality, fast proofreading, remember that turnaround speed and quality results depend on many factors.  Choosing the best proofreading service is not always easy.  As you already know, rush projects still need good results, so it is important to find a good professional editor. Here are some guidelines for beating your deadline and assuring quick, reliable service.  If you have any additional questions, let us know, and we will be glad to help.

Find affordable pricing. Don’t pay more.

Some editors charge 8 cents per word for rapid service. Prices like these are not affordable for most writers, especially for those who are working on dissertations or research projects. Deadlines matter, but so does your wallet. Some services, such as PaperBlazer, offer fast proofreading service at a much lower price. We regularly beat competitor’s prices by up to 60%.

Look for a proofreading or editing service with hourly turnaround.

Many proofreaders and editors — especially those not associated with a professional service — will take a week or two to edit a document.  Unfortunately, you likely need your document sooner than that.  Many writers prefer editing within 1 hour or 24 hours.  PaperBlazer offers same-day service, with some small documents (such as emails or letters) edited within minutes.  If you are in a rush, let us know!

Ask if the fast proofreading service offers free speed upgrades.

Proofreading and editing websites often charge by the hour — such as 1-hour, 3-hour, 6-hour, 12-hour, or 24-hour service. The main problem is that almost no one can afford 1-hour, 3-hour, or 6-hour service.  This is why PaperBlazer offers free speed upgrades, so you can get fast proofreading service at a lower cost.  For example, if you have a small document of 1000 words, that document can often be edited within one hour.  (Other documents might take a few hours, but even then, you won’t pay anything extra.)  Just check with our chat support to see if your premium order can be upgraded to a faster time.

Select a fast proofreading service that is 24/7.

When you are in a rush and need fast proofreading, you don’t want to wait for hours. Many proofreading services are only open for limited hours — in only one time zone.  This is why writing or tutoring centers fall short; they cannot help you around the clock  For that reason, make sure to use a fast proofreading service that reviews documents all day.  PaperBlazer’s online service ensures that we can help you at any time, any day — 24/7, 365.

Check if the fast proofreading service has native editors.

Some editing services are located in a foreign country and lacks native English editors. This can be problematic. Not only will the editing be slower, but the editing will be inaccurate. When you need grammar and spelling corrections, it is important to ask a native English speaker or editor. They will be able to “feel” the language and assist you with intangibles that only natives know.  PaperBlazer also offers certifications, upon request, for when your employer or publisher requests proof of ESL or native English editing.

Use a fast proofreading service that personally cares.

Many fast proofreading services merely care about profit.  They don’t always care about their clients. They automate or use robotic tools, and they charge more than they need for expedited service.  In contrast, PaperBlazer is known to have world-class customer service. As we’ve been saying for years, “Words matter, and you matter.” This is why we keep low-price options and why we assign a real editor to review your document.

Order from a fast proofreading service with a high-quality reputation.

All kinds of people will offer to review your document, but when you’re in a rush, use a professional that specializes in fast proofreading service. Not only will you receive quicker feedback, but the quality will be better. Our editors have focused on efficient editing for years, and we will amaze you with our speed and quality.  See why writers in over 35 countries use PaperBlazer for fast proofreading service.


If you’re reading this, you’re probably in a rush and need fast proofreading service.  So don’t delay.  Consider the tips offered above, and when you are ready to start, order nowWe will review your document within hours and send you an edited version in no time!




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