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All documents.

Upload any document for professional review.  We edit everything — including articles, books, dissertations, theses, white papers, and more.  

team of editors

Real editors.

Want real help? Our human editors provide world-class feedback.  With PaperBlazer, you receive personal attention based on your writing style. We suggest grammar corrections, sentence improvements, editorial feedback, and more. 

Same-day service.

Why wait? We offer fast editing within hours. If you need quick turnaround, contact us via chat. We will check our queue and let you know if we can expedite your order for free.  Some orders can be completed in less than one hour.

Save time and money.

Big savings.

With PaperBlazer, you pay less for express service.  Our premium service includes expedited service at no extra cost. Unlike other websites, you’ll pay nothing more for express service! Learn more about our free speed upgrades.
With PaperBlazer, there are no extra costsno long-term commitments, and no hidden fees.
Secure downloads

Secure downloads.

With our delivery system, you will receive a corrected document via email.  All you need to do is click. There’s no need to learn new software or terminology. We make it easy.

Friendly support.

We provide the best customer service in the industry.  We personally care for every writer and maintain your unique style. As we’ve been saying for years, “Words matter, and you matter!” Unlike other services, we even answer questions about corrections after your order.  

Send your document to editors who care, and you’ll immediately see the difference.


Pro Proofreading.

Proofreading was not meant for a computer, but for human beings.  When important things are at stake — such as your grade, job, or reputation — don’t depend on a computer. Unlike automated services, we provide you with a real person to help. 

Because we are personal, you can ask us questions!  This is a great way to learn how to write better. Because English writing is an art, our editors retain your style and voice — ensuring that your document remains yours!

Expert Editing.

Don’t waste time with amateur editors. Instead, get help from an expert.

Our editors have written articles, taught in colleges, corrected assignments, and tutored students.  In other words, we are the best proofreading and editing service on the internet for good reason: we have the best editors!

Just upload your document.  We do the rest!

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