Statement of Purpose Feedback and Editing

Statement of Purpose Feedback & Editing

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Statement of Purpose Feedback & Editing Top Five Tips from the World’s #1 Editor of SOPs Need help with your statement of purpose?  Your statement of purpose can affect your entire life trajectory, so it is important to review it thoroughly.  We’ve seen all kinds of applicants — including MBA and PhD candidates — who seek help online from random …

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Essay Proofreader — Get Help Now

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Essay Proofreader — Get Help Now Do you need an essay proofreader? Here are some tips to find an essay proofreader. These suggestions apply to all kinds of essays.  If you find yourself asking, “Who can help me with my essay? Who is a good essay proofreader?” then look no further. Here are some things to keep in mind: Seek …

Thesis Statement Basics: “What is a Thesis?”

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A thesis statement is a main, organizing sentence that summarizes what you intend to demonstrate or prove.  In other words: A thesis statement is usually one sentence that organizes the entire paper.   At a minimum, a thesis describes what will be discussed in the paper. An excellent thesis statement goes beyond mere description and states what will be argued (i.e., what is the …

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Here are simple tips for better essay writing:   Improve your Essay Format Most essays should be five or six paragraphs.  Include an introduction, several body paragraphs, and a conclusion. Your introductory paragraph should be four or five sentences. Use a thesis statement at the end of your introduction. Conclude your essay with a paragraph of two to four sentences — …