What is Advanced Intelligence?

It's not AI. It's better. See what makes us different.

Artificial Intelligence (based on recent studies)
PaperBlazer's Advanced Intelligence

Advanced Intelligence with PaperBlazer avoids artificial automation and uses real human editing. While machine learning (such as a language model) is helpful at times, we limitedly use those tools — such as to check a word or phrase. Instead of automating documents, we do the manual labor required for world-class results.

Differences between “Artificial” and “Advanced” Intelligence

There are key differences between our Advanced Intelligence and lesser alternatives:

  • Human agency. Our editing is done by a real person, not an algorithm.
  • Organic process. Our Advanced Intelligence uses human editors for 99% or more of all documents; digital tools are only used for words or phrases (comparable to using a dictionary) and citations.
  • Personalization. To ensure that your style and tone remain intact, we never automate with a machine; instead, we personalize our editing style to you so your voice is not affected by the editing.
  • Greater confidentiality. When you send an entire document to artificial intelligence tools, you risk losing that data. With us, only unidentifiable “snippets” are sent to ChatGPT, so your ideas remain yours; thus, you never have to worry about artificial intelligence stealing or repurposing your content without a copyright. We take an approach similar to Apple, except we have a human being making those decisions for you, rather than relying on automation to make decisions for you.
  • Time saving. Unlike digital tools, where you need to do a lot of “clean up” to check everything yourself, we do that work for you. With PaperBlazer, you simply upload your document, and before you know it, you’ll have a better document. 

Our Unique Approach

Our approach utilizes the extensive expertise of a real human being. Unlike automation, we use human judgment to maintain the highest quality and contextual accuracy in our edits.

Thus, when it comes to incorporating AI, we use a personally curated approach — selectively and strategically. This approach ensures that your data privacy is preserved, as ChatGPT is employed only when absolutely necessary and primarily for single words or short phrases. This precision in application allows us to enhance efficiency without compromising the confidentiality of your content. 

[Note: If you prefer a broader use of AI for your document, we can accommodate that request. Our flexible service adapts to your preferences, offering more extensive AI assistance if desired. Just let us know, and we will include that free of charge for you.]

During our editing process, our editors apply the “necessary” changes, which we see as those changes required for a finished document; the only thing left are “optional” changes,” which are up to you. This approach saves you time and effort. (Instead of you checking what AI has modified, along with potential errors that were added, we are doing all of that for you.) In short, you save time because our experts are doing the human labor for you.

AI inaccuracies

The Benefits of Advanced Intelligence

The benefits of our PaperBlazer’s exclusive Advanced Intelligence include:

• Greater Accuracy: With human editing, we ensure precise and contextually appropriate edits — no more errors from automation or artificial intelligence!

• No Subscription Fees: Unlike other services, PaperBlazer does not require ongoing subscription costs.

• Cost-Effective: Our services are approximately three times less expensive compared to alternatives like Grammarly (which charges more if you add human service).

• Comprehensive Editing: Beyond grammatical corrections, we offer in-depth editing that considers style, tone, and clarity.

• Personalized Service: Each document is reviewed with attention to detail, tailored to your specific needs and preferences. We also engage with you via chat or email, in case you have any questions along the way.

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