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Paper Editing Service

Need help with your paper? Get professional editing today.

Over 10 years of paper editing service.

Looking for a paper editing service? PaperBlazer will help — with not only real editors but world-class service.

It’s simple. Just upload your paper, and we provide the service. Within hours, you’ll receive an edited document. 

What makes us different than other paper editing services? To start, we are not a “paper writing” service; we provide “paper editing service.” The difference seems subtle, but the effects are huge. 

Additionally, we use an educational approach. We want you to see more corrections (thus we mark more than a writing center would). We also want you to understand the corrections (thus we avoid complicated jargon used by automation).

Even better, our premium service includes follow-up questions, so if you are ever confused, we can provide further explanation. This sets our paper editing service apart from the rest. 


We edit so you smile.

Expert proofreaders are here to help.

Quick and simple.

We make editing easy. Upload your document, and our editors will correct, change, and comment. Best of all, we answer all of your questions and avoid complicated jargon.

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We’ll improve your document in hours — featuring free speed upgradesDon’t waste time on complicated software or automation errors. At PaperBlazer, we edit for you, so you can focus and spend time elsewhere.


You may order basic, plus, or premium service.

Although very rare, overnight premium might be slightly delayed (by 1 to 6 hours), depending on the length of the document.  If that is an issue, please chat or email us, and we will expedite your order as much as possible.

If you approve of 18-hour service for premium service, use coupon 18HRSERVICE as a special discount for overnight orders.

All other orders will be processed as normal.