The #1 Cure for Writer’s Block

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Ever get stuck while writing?  If so, that’s usually called “writer’s block.”

The blank page remains blank, and you have no idea what to write.  There seems to be a “block” — if not a 30-foot wall — that prevents you from getting ideas written.

If that happens to you, don’t worry.  It’s far more common than you think.  So whatever you do, know that you’re not alone. Every writers has been there, so show yourself some grace, and don’t beat yourself up over it.

“That’s well and good,” you might think, “but what next?”

The best thing you can possibly do is write badly.  Yep.  Write badly.

Of course, our impulse is to reject that idea, but therein lies the problem.

The cause of writer’s block is the fear of writing imperfectly or writing nonsense.  So to overcome that, write anything that comes to mind — anything at all.  Do not stop to analyze, critique, or correct.  That will only cause you to get stuck again.

When writing, the secret to avoiding writer’s block is simple: do not confuse writing with editing. You do not want to edit before or while writing a draft.  Editing too early will hinder your creativity and your ability to write fluently.

Write as freely as possible, expressing your stream of consciousness.  Without hesitation, write whatever comes to mind — even if that might be your dog, colored paper, Aunt Sally, skydiving, or chocolate pudding.  This is important to expand your creativity and to widen your expression.  You can always go back and delete whatever does not work in the final draft.

Why does this help?  Your brain is a muscle, and like any muscle, it needs to warm up. In doing so, you won’t be as perfect as you would like.

So come to terms with “writing badly.” The key is that your first draft is not your final draft, which means the first draft will be “bad.” It’s going to have mistakes, and that’s okay.

Be bold. Be brave. Be crazy.

Even professional writers use multiple drafts –– and multiple often means dozens and dozens.  So don’t feel bad if your first draft isn’t perfect. Editing is the process of improving weak drafts into a strong final draft. This process is a spiral that can continue for an eternity, as there is always more to write and better ways to write.

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