Cons of Grammarly

Four Disadvantages of Grammarly

What are the disadvantages of Grammarly?

In other words, what are the cons of Grammarly service?

Writers often ask this.  In particular, those who need grammar corrections might be concerned.

With various proofreading options available online, how do they differ?

There are several disadvantages of Grammarly that you should know:

#1 Disadvantage of Grammarly

To start, Grammarly is automated.  You do not get help from a real human being.  This is problematic.

Computers cannot write as well as human beings. Thus, from the start, you’re limiting your quality.

#2 Disadvantage of Grammarly

Grammarly charges a hidden price for extra service. This means the free service is limited.

Before you go too far down that path, be aware that the free option will not help you as much as you need.

#3 Disadvantage of Grammarly

Another disadvantage of Grammarly is vagueness. You must make most changes yourself.

The automated tool makes suggestions, but you need to change them yourself. But what if you’re overwhelmed?

If you’re confused by grammar, that does not always help. You end up doing most of the work yourself.

#4 Disadvantage of Grammarly

Grammarly makes mistakes. Computers err and “have a mind of their own.” Don’t take our word for it.  As one writer explained:

It sometimes gets fairly simple things wrong. On several occasions, for instance, I’ve written a grammatically correct phrase which Grammarly then wants to “correct” into nonsense.

Take this sentence:

This was, I decided, my house. I couldn’t trust this to anyone else: I searched its every nook and cranny by myself.

Stilted? No doubt. Incorrect? Well, you tell me. If you run it by Grammarly at the moment, the software will suggest a revision to “I searched it is every nook and cranny […]”.

If you’re tired of using Grammarly, try an alternative.

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We avoid complicated terminology to make things simple. Best of all, we do not automate changes, but carefully review each document. This makes a huge difference. As real editors, we do not get confused by simple sentences (like the above example).

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